Backpacking can be the cheapest way to travel – but isn’t always…

Some say backpacking can be the cheapest way to travel on your Gap Year – but it isn’t always so.

The first decision you need to make is WHERE and WHEN. Things you’ll need to consider include time of year (will it be the warm or rainy season at your destination) as this could have an impact on the activities you are planning. Scuba diving during the rainy season in Thailand is not ideal!

Think about friends, relatives and friends of friends / relatives around the world who you might like to visit: it is one way to save on accommodation costs and they will give you some great ideas for things to see and do!

Will you include some volunteering or an expedition? How will you get there? Consider flying or go overland – a great train adventure or sail the seas! Jot down some ideas and then think about your budget and how much time you have – is it feasible?

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Here are some ESSENTIALS you will need to make your trip happen….