How to keep in touch on your Gap Year

It is important to keep in touch with home no matter what you are doing on your Gap Year. Just touching base every now and then to share a few experiences will please your family and friends no end!

Yes, internet cafes do still exist! You’ll find them really useful if you haven’t got your phone or if you’ve decided using your mobile is too expensive, or if you fancy a long Zoom chat to see some familiar faces from home.

TOP TIP: Take a cheap/old mobile phone rather than your flashy, all singing, all dancing phone in case you lose it!

If you are staying in one country for a while, you might consider buying a local sim card to keep in touch more cheaply (pay as you go data and call packages are easily available, even in developing countries) but don’t forget to make sure your mobile is unblocked so it will take alternative sim cards.

A more old fashioned way of keeping in touch is letter writing. We all know it will take ages but just picture the recipients face when your letter pops through their door. They will be beaming!