Why take a gap year?

Discover the benefits of a gap year

A gap year is a great opportunity for young people to take a break from work or studying. You could choose to travel abroad, but there are also options to take a gap year at home. Gap years are usually taken after leaving school or university, giving you time to learn new skills and enjoy unique experiences before starting work or continuing your education.

So, why take a gap year? For many young people this is a period in their life where they don’t have too many commitments or financial responsibilities. The chance to take a gap year is a window of opportunity that will close, so it’s the perfect time to get outside your comfort zone and do something different, be someone different and see somewhere different.

A gap year is also an opportunity to think about what you want to do next. Some people need time away from studying before starting university or college, while others want to consider their career options. Others are keen to volunteer or work, and many people simply want a chance to travel the world.

We’ve got more than 30 years’ experience in planning gap years, and know they are often the most fun, thrilling, rewarding and enjoyable times in people’s lives.

How does a gap year help travellers?

The Gap Year Hub’s expert team have spoken to thousands of gap year travellers, and we know the benefits of a gap year are incredible. A carefully planned trip can be hugely educational, and it can help you develop all sorts of soft skills for university, work and life. These include:

  • Confidence
  • Initiative and resourcefulness
  • Overcoming problems and challenges
  • Teamwork
  • Fundraising and budgeting
  • Independence
  • Time management
  • Communication and social skills
  • Living and working with a wide variety of people

Most importantly, a gap year is not a ‘year off’, rather, it is a ‘year out’.

If you want to begin the exciting process of planning a gap year, you are in the best place. At The Gap Year Hub we share all the resources, advice and tools you need.

Get inspired by browsing our recommendations of top gap year activities, and get ready to have fun!