Gap year programs

Two gap year travellers in South Africa skipping with children during their gap year program.

Find a gap year program and plan your dream trip

If you are looking for some guidance, support and structure during your gap year, consider gap year programs. These are organised experiences, courses and placements, which offer you varying levels of assistance.

At the Gap Year Hub we’ve helped many travellers find their perfect gap year program. They’re available across the globe for different durations, and include a huge variety of activities. We’re sure you’ll find a gap year program to suit you and your gap year.

There is an incredible range of gap year programs available and choosing the right one is very important. You can get a good feel for different options by reading online reviews, talking to past participants and picking up the phone to talk to the company so you can get all your questions answered.

Is a gap year program right for me?

Gap year programs are very popular, as they add an extra layer of organisation and security to your trip. The benefits of a gap year program include:

  • They can help you budget for your gap year
  • You’ll have help planning and organising your trip
  • Assistance choosing and arranging accommodation
  • You’ll get gap year advice and suggestions for the best places to visit
  • You’ll have an instant group of fellow-traveller friends
  • Your transport between destinations is often arranged for you
  • They can add an extra layer of security on your gap year

What are the best gap year programs?

Your perfect gap year program will be tailored to your goals and objectives, whether that’s earning money, learning new skills, meeting new people, visiting unique destinations…we could go on!

Gap year programs normally incur a charge, so you’ll need one that fits your budget and travel style, and departs at the right time of year. So there’s lots to think about. Consider writing a checklist of everything you’d like from your dream gap year program, so you can easily compare options.

Find a gap year program that suits you

To help you choose your ideal gap year program, here are the Gap Year Hub’s favourite options:

Art gallery

Art and culture programs

Choose a gap year provider offering an educational gap year program focused on art, music, dance or drama.

Building project

Community projects

Join a community project gap year program and your itinerary, accommodation, materials and support are normally included.

zebras safari africa

Gap year conservation programs

If you’re passionate about helping people, animals or the environment, consider joining a gap year conservation program.

hands holding flour - cookery courses on a Gap Year

Cookery courses

If cooking is your passion then a cookery course could be your dream gap year program, either at home or abroad.

E-gap year programs

Discover useful and fun e-gap year programs you can join at home to learn valuable new skills.

woman on expedition - the gap year hub

Gap year expedition programs

Join an exhilarating gap year expedition program and explore remote, wild and vibrant destinations.

Hola sign - Gap Year languages

Language courses

Find a gap year program that enables you to learn a new language. Which one will you choose?

two volunteers on a medical gap year weighing a baby in africa

Medical gap year programs

Specialised medical gap year programs for pre-med and nursing students looking to gain experience overseas.

Campervans on a beach - overland tours

Gap year overland programs

Overland gap year programs are a fantastic way to explore a destination with travellers who share your interests.

Man skiing on a Gap Year

Gap year programs on the slopes

Indulge your passion for snowsports with a gap year program that enables you to ski or snowboard.

girl coaching sports on Kenya Gap Year

Gap year sports programs

Join a sports-themed gap year program with a summer camp, an adventure organisation or a training scheme.

Girl teaching in Thailand - Gap Year

Teaching gap years

A teaching program will enable you to earn money and learn new skills during your gap year.

Mnd the gap - travel safety

Travel safety programs

There are a range of useful gap year travel safety courses you can take before you depart.

Man surfing - gap year

Water sports programs

Discover an exciting range of water sport gap year programs, where you can teach others or hone your existing skills.