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What is a Gap Year?

A gap year is a year “out” of formal education, not a year “off”. Most people take it aged 17-22, usually between school and university / starting work. It is an exciting opportunity to explore, experience and refresh! It isn’t necessarily a whole year.

Why take a Gap Year?

For most people it is a window of opportunity that will close. So grab it with both hands! But do make it count: it will give you the chance to gain skills for the future, experience new challenges, make new friends and broaden your horizons.


Volunteer sitting around a fire with Nepali children

Inspiring activity ideas to make your year out fulfilling and fun!


Gap Year consultant with a young man sat with a laptop

Perfect if you’re in a muddle and need some extra support and advice.


Volunteers on a Kenya safari

Know what you want to do? Time to find yourself the perfect program!

“Take a gap year, go somewhere insane, teach, white water raft, bungee, wake at 4am for the sunrise over the waterfalls, in fact, stay up all night and then watch it”

Ed Walker, Gapper