Insurance is a must on your Gap Year

Travel & Medical Insurance

Finding insurance and the right level of cover for your trip can be a bit confusing. You firstly need to make a list of all the places you will be visiting and what activities you might do. There’s no point getting a basic level of cover, arriving at your destination and later deciding to climb a mountain! Yes, it happens, so do your homework. Check the small print – not everything will be included especially specific activities like trekking above a certain height, scuba diving below a specific depth, rafting different grades of rapids, etc .

Take a copy of the policy details with you (emergency contact number, policy number) and leave details with parents/guardians. If you have anything stolen, you will need a police report to make a claim when you return, as well as receipts of hospital bills!

For legal reasons, we cannot make recommendations about which insurer to use but one of the following may be able to help you.

battleface logo gap year insurance

Battleface provides specialized travel insurance for travelers who need more than ordinary cover. And it provides its own 24/7 emergency travel and medical assistance service.

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection is committed to providing travellers with trip protection that is simpler and smarter than ever before.

Travel Insurance for gap years and holidays, including Covid cover and backpacking.

endsleigh insurance logo

Endsleigh Insurance specialises in the student, education, graduate and sport markets.

Geo Blue travel insurance

GeoBlue provides travellers with access to Blue Cross Blue Shield Travel health insurance coverage around the globe.

Global Travel Insurance was set up in 1997 and specialises in travel insurance for travellers of all ages.

The best international travel protection for students, groups, and families.

Mondassur logo insurance

Insurance broker specialising in long stay insurance, travel and repatriation.

staysure insurance logo

Staysure has given over 7 million people peace of mind since 2004.

true traveller insurance logo

Travel insurance designed by travellers for holidaymakers, adventure travellers and backpackers.

Patriot America Insurance logo

Visitor Insurance Services is designed for international travels outside their home country.

Providing great value, high quality leisure and travel insurance for over 20 years.

Great value travel insurance for independent travellers and intrepid families.

AIG Travel Guard logo

Millions of travellers each year trust Travel Guard to cover their vacations.