Gap year activities

A pair of gap year travellers happily throw their hands into the air as they explore a forest during a gap year activity.

Wondering how to spend your gap year?

Discover inspiring gap year activities and ideas

How to spend a gap year

With some careful planning, your gap year can be the perfect time to gain impressive skills and experiences that will help you in the future. There are so many fantastic gap year activities to try, which give you the chance to meet new people, broaden your horizons and challenge yourself. If you’re wondering what to do on a gap year, The Gap Year Hub has rounded up some of the top gap year activities and gap year ideas, so you can fill your time with experiences that are as unique as you are.

Knowing what we do about the professional and personal enrichment brought on by the gap year experience, and how positively it impacts academics and employability, it is time to rebrand gap years as one of the most significant educational opportunities we have”


What can I do on my gap year?

Here are some of the most popular gap year ideas to help you start planning your trip:

Wall of paintings - Art History on a Gap Year

Art and culture trips

Indulge your love of the arts with cultural gap year activities, including art, music, dance and drama.

girl with a yellow backpack walking in the mountains - Gap Year

Backpacking on a gap year

Discover the world and meet new people by filling your backpack and heading off on a life-changing gap year.

People concreting - Community Projects on a Gap Year

Community projects

Joining a community project on your gap year can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Two zebras - Gap Year Conservation

Gap year conservation programs

Make a difference to local people, animals or the environment by joining a conservation project as one of your gap year activities.

hands holding flour - cookery courses on a Gap Year

Cookery courses

Don your chef’s hat and become a culinary master on a gap year cookery course at home or abroad.

Woman using a laptop - Gap Year at home

E-gap years

If you are spending your gap year at home, an online e-gap year course can help you gain new skills.

woman on expedition - the gap year hub

Gap year expeditions

Try thrilling gap year activities on an expedition to remote destinations, and explore mountains, forests, glaciers and more.

Gap year internships

Gain experience in a sector that interests you with a gap year internship at home or abroad, on a paid or voluntary basis.

Hola sign - Gap Year languages

Learn a language on your gap year

Take a language course at home or further afield and spend your gap year learning new lingo.

two volunteers on a medical gap year weighing a baby in africa

Medical gap year programs

Specialised medical gap year programs for pre-med and nursing students looking to gain experience overseas.

campervans near a beach - overland tours

Gap year overland tours

Overland gap year tours give you the opportunity to explore a destination with a group of like-minded travellers.

Man skiing on a Gap Year

A gap year on the ski slopes

If you love snowsports then combine your passion for ski or snowboarding with a working gap year on the slopes.

girl coaching sports on Kenya Gap Year

Gap year sports coaching

You can teach sports on your gap year by joining an adventure organisation, summer camp or training scheme.

lady teaching English grammar

TEFL teaching courses

Earn money and boost your CV by teaching English to non-English speakers during your gap year.

Man with a wheel barrow carrying children in Kenya

Volunteer on your gap year

Give something back and make a real difference by spending time volunteering as one of your gap year activities.

Lady working in a cafe - Gap Year

A working gap year

There are so many paid jobs you can do on a working gap year, from summer camps, to hospitality, farm work and childcare.

Man surfing - gap year

Learn or teach water sports

If you’re happiest in the sea, spend your gap year learning a new water sport or teach others how to perfect their skills.