Travel Safety

Know the risks before you go

If you’re a first time traveller or exploring a country for the first time you might be feeling apprehensive about the risks involved or how you can stay safe while travelling. Participating in a Gap Year Travel Safety course prior to departure can help settle your nerves (and peace of mind for parents) and make sure you are fully prepared for your trip.

Close Circle logo - travel safety 24/7

An App and Service that provides global personal protection, 24/7.

Lost Earth Adventures logo - gap year safety course

Runs courses preparing young people for travelling adventures.

Objective travel safety - gap year safety course

Face-to-face and virtual gap year travel safety courses.

STC Expeditions logo - Gap year safety course

Specialising in school groups, STC Expeditions offer a Gap Year Planning and Safety course to get you ready for your adventures.

Online training from TravelAid – a 24/7 safety net for gap year travellers.

What3words logo - Gap year travel

Every 3 metre square of the world has been given a unique combination of three words. Use it for navigation, emergencies and more on your Gap Year.