Travel Grants & Scholarships

Could you be eligible for a Travel Scholarship or Travel Grant?

There are many funds available for Gap Years students but you will need to meet a strict criteria. You’ll need to complete lots of application forms or write lots of letters but it could pocket you a few hundred pounds to add to the pot.

It is likely you’ll need to be part of an organised trip to apply but check the small print.

  • A good starting place is your school/college/university – have a chat with your careers department to see if they have anything available.
  • Network your contacts – do any of your relatives work for a large national or multi-national company?Writing a polite letter telling them about your plans for a productive Gap Year could land you a nice cheque!
  • If you are in the UK head online to the Directory of Social Change for advice on how to apply for grants and links through to Funds Online so you can apply for to access the Directory of Grant Making Trusts (a hard copy is available at local libraries). A fee is required to access the online version for a one week subscription and you’ll need to write lots of letters/emails to apply for the grants.
    In the US, check out the Grants to Individuals by Candid. There is also a fee required to access this resource online.
  • Look up your local Rotary Club, Lions Club and VFW (US only) – get in touch and explain what your plans are. They may be willing to make a donation. In return, you might need to agree to write an article or give a presentation on your return but it will be worth it!

Here’s a list of our top Travel Grants: