Why should you use a Gap Year consultant?

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Imagine a gap year encyclopaedia. One that can answer all those niggling questions, like what the latest Covid-related travel restrictions are, what’s the best time of year to visit a certain country, and exactly which tours you should do. You won’t find these fonts of knowledge in a library, as they are living, breathing gap year consultants, and they can help you research, plan and enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

We’re often asked why you should use a gap year consultant, so here are our top reasons:

Gap year consultants will save you time and stress

Planning a gap year can be fantastic fun, but there are also quite a few tedious elements. The planning stage involves a lot of research and takes a considerable amount of time. There are also A LOT of options out there, and trying to decide between two tempting programs or tours can be hard.

The global pandemic has made planning a gap year even more challenging, so gap year consultants are an excellent source of knowledge and information. They know how to work with Covid restrictions and can share advice on where you can visit and what insurance you need.

For example, Leap VIP offers gap year consultancy services and describes themselves as ‘Covid travel experts’, who can help you navigate the complexity of pandemic travel.
It’s a gap year consultant’s job to know the intricacies of planning an amazing trip, so they will breeze through tasks and help you plan your trip without the stress. Their services typically involve researching, finding options that suit you, planning the trip with you, assistance with booking different elements and providing help and support.

En Route Consulting provides gap year consultancy to families in the USA and beyond, and offers different packages depending on the level of support you need. The Standard Consultation includes 15 hours of meetings to help travellers structure and clarify their plans, plus unlimited support via email. You’ll receive program and activity recommendations, help with budgeting and itinerary planning, and support both before you depart and during your trip.

Most gap year consultants charge a fixed fee for a package of services, and many offer a free initial consultation to help you decide if they are the right choice for you. The Center for Interim Programs provides a complimentary 90 minute phone or Zoom consultation so you can get gap year advice and talk through the options available, such as making art in Italy, working with animals in Costa Rica or trekking in Peru.

Looking for a specific gap year program? Try a consultant

A gap year consultant will make sure the program and trip you go on fulfils all of your objectives. They can also provide mentoring and coaching if you’re not sure what you want to get out of your gap year, or what you want to do.

They’ll do their best to make sure you don’t have to compromise on anything that’s really important to you. And if your plans simply aren’t possible – whether that’s because of Covid restrictions, availability or something else – they will give expert gap year advice and help you find a fantastic alternative.

Consultants like J2Guides work with you to thrash out exactly what you want to do. Their Plan The Gap service includes one-on-one sessions with your gap year mentor to create your gap year plan. It will include quality, vetted program recommendations, which are tailored to your interests, needs and budget.

Gap year consultants can also ensure that you maximise your time away. As part of the services offered by the Taylor The Gap consultancy, you’ll receive support and advice on planning your trip, and you’ll discover how to turn your adventures into valuable entries for your CV.

Gap year consultants can help you source an internship

If you’d like to do a working internship during your gap year, then a gap year consultant can help you find the ideal position. Companies like Gap Year Solutions help people find in-person and virtual placements in a wide range of sectors. These are typically for six to ten weeks, working between eight and twelve hours a week.

These internships are often part of a longer gap year, and Gap Year Solutions also offers The Gap Year Plan, which helps travellers plan and enjoy their trip.

If you’re ready to find an expert to help you plan the trip of your life, check out our recommendations for top gap year consultants.